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Subject: Re: [ph-isp] Cisco load-balancing/failover

Joshua L. San Juan wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm thinking of implementing load-balancing/fail-over on our Cisco
> router. What I'm thinking of is to multi-home to two different ISPs:
>            ISP A
>              |
>              |   
>              | 
>          -------------
>           Router    -------------- ISP B
>          -------------

> Questions:
> 1. From my research (I've never done this setup before), I would need
> to get an AS and also run BGP on our router, correct?

Yes, you do need your own AS.

> 2. I would be running BGP on our router - do we need a more powerful
> router (currently using Cisco 1751 with 1 serial line), or just add
> more memory?

According to its specs, it supports BGP4, but I'm not sure if it can
handle all the routes. Maybe a 3600 series router will do.

If you have limited budget, you can try setting up OpenBGPD on a server
and do multihop BGP. Haven't tried this yet though.

----- OpenBGPD server ----- Cisco 1751 se0 ----- ISP A
                                        se1 ----- ISP B

> 3. Should one of the serial links go down, how fast is the switchover
> to the other link? We are doing video streaming - so switchover
> should be as fast as possible.

The failover is fast provided the down link is fully down (not
intermittent). You can advertise half of your subnet on one link, and
the other half to the other link, so as to have an ad hoc load balancing.

> 4. Any tips / pitfalls to avoid / comments / suggestions on the setup above?

Paging Mr. Mar Loreto "Maloy" Apuhin. :D

> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Joshua L. San Juan

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