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Author: Bopolissimus Platypus Jr
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Newbies Discussion List
Subject: Re: [plug-newbies] Re: Network Operating System
On 6/17/05, frederick_pascual@???
<frederick_pascual@???> wrote:

> masasabi ko lang Linux is the best Network Operating System period.


i can see where that might be true for you (for whatever private reasons,
and maybe even some objective reasons), but i see no reason to post
such a statement without justification. as it is, it sounds like the sort of
linux fanaticism that orly sometimes writes about (and i quite agree
with him on content, most of the time). but i'm not a fanatic. i'm a
scientist (or that's what some friends say). without an answer to "why?",
that statement is almost content free (the only reason i qualify there is
that it *does* indicate your own stand, so it's not *totally* content free).


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