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Subject: [plug-newbies] Re: Network Operating System
xrm user <xrmuser@???> writes:

> If it's not a unix clone talaga but I think it's a unix "flavor".
> Topic definition: A flavor can be a distribution of the UNIX operating
> system, or a UNIX-like operating system. The major flavors include
> both commercial and...

That statement above would seem to provide a sufficient definition.
Unfortunately, it is vague, in the sense that you loosely overload the
word `flavor' one more time to mean somthing besides what we can sense
with our tongues. Just as `clone' has been described as something that
is an `exact copy' (that term, by the way, is also open for differing
interpretation ;) of some other thing.

Also, it is irrelevant to note whether a flavor/clone/copy is commercial
or otherwise, given your definition. What is relevant is whether Linux,
as the operating system, is commercial or otherwise, which I think most
people know what the answer is...

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