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Subject: Re: [plug-newbies] Re: Network Operating System
"fooler" <fooler@???> writes:

> now... go ahead... correct the documenter of linux that linux is not
> a unix clone and debate your what so called *logic* with andrew
> tanenbaum that his minix is not a unix clone too.... and when you
> correct them... then thats the time to tell the world that linux is
> not a unix clone...

OKAY... This has gone far enough!

For the record, there's no point in citing references for the
definition of the terms `Linux', `Unix', `UNIX', and `clone', that
everyone (not just only the Warrior Monks involved, but the Armchair
Philosophers as well ;) will or would agree to, when we all try to
attach these references with a truth-value. Definitions, while all
based on some *reference*, should ultimately be determined upon by its
*use*[1]; and as concepts, definition do not hold any truth whatsoever,
even the truth of correctness. Besides, taking references from
elsewhere as a sign of validity is not always applicable anyway, since
one can just say that a reference can not be entirely accurate.

I'm at the local mall/university now after rifling through my UPOU
modules, and Philo 1's very hot on my mind as I write this[2]. Whatever
statements that have been flung to and fro, have become devoid of any
truthfulness since this debate has turned pointless. The only point
that is consistently valid through this exercise is this:

    You are all playing several different language-games at once, and
    playing at only purely verbal agreement.

Let's just carry on hacking on Free Software, shall we? :D

And, BTW, several FOSS events are coming our way: the next PLUG
TechSem, the PhilOSC[3], and Software Freedom Day[4]. Why don't we look
forward to that and instead of wrecking our minds to philosphical
absurdities, why don't we take a crack at making up ideas for these
event? Surely, many of you are interested...


[P.S. Heh, never in my imagination have I thought of posting on plug,
of all things, a call for stopping this shenanigan. Before, I would
have been gung-ho at carrying on this debacle until hell freezes
over. But, look, time flies by...]

[1] Wittgenstein just became my hero! :D

[2] Take that with a cup of ginitaang halo-halo... sarap!

[3] .  Btw, Migs, aren't we supposed to have
     another mailing list on this?


ZAK B. ELEP --- Outside of home
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