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Subject: Re: [plug-newbies] Re: Network Operating System
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Subject: Re: [plug-newbies] Re: Network Operating System

> >
> > Linux is a Unix clone written from scratch by Linus Torvalds with
> > assistance from a loosely-knit team of hackers across the Net.
> > It aims towards POSIX compliance.
> >

> So you go ahead and believe that Linux is a Unix clone,

yes and i still believe that LINUX IS A UNIX CLONE... and my pc writing
this email is an IBM CLONE too and NOT EXACT COPY of the original ibm
hardware but has similar identities...

and even andrew tanenbaum creator of minix believes that MINIX IS A UNIX
CLONE too where linus torvalds started his linux...

from his web site (


MINIX is a free UNIX clone that is available with all the source code. Due
to its small size, microkernel-based design, and ample documentation, it is
well suited to people who want to run a UNIX-like system on their personal
computer and learn about how such systems work inside. It is quite feasible
for a person unfamiliar with operating system internals to understand nearly
the entire system with a few months of use and study.
MINIX has been written from scratch, and therefore does not contain any AT&T
code--not in the kernel, the compiler, the utilities, or the libraries. For
this reason the complete source can be made available (by FTP or via the

now... go ahead... correct the documenter of linux that linux is not a unix
clone and debate your what so called *logic* with andrew tanenbaum that his
minix is not a unix clone too.... and when you correct them... then thats
the time to tell the world that linux is not a unix clone...


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