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Paolo Alexis Falcone <pfalcone@???> writes:

> Believe it. It's what's written in many computer science books, has
> been taught in many operating systems courses around the world (
> having taught classes myself about this, and having been transmitted
> this definition like the ones who have been schooled before, during,
> and after my days in the university ) and there has been no doubt
> about this definition for three decades already. Unless of course you
> want to challenge this computer science definition...

Well, there *is* such a thing as a `transmission beyond the scriptures'.
Computer science is still quite a youngling discipline, despite what,
say, 6 decades of development, and has plenty of time to experiment
defining and redefining and refactoring terms.

> Now, a kernel by itself is just useless. This is why an operating
> system in an IT-centric and commoner's point of view an operating
> system IMPLIES a full set of tools to do something useful.

Which is indeed what an operating system is. As a term, `operating
system' is vague because our use of it is so varied depending on what
side of the computing fence you're on (or whether you're sitting on said

Thus, this is the reason why we have another term that describes the
core of this operating system, the `kernel'. And what do you know! said
kernel is an operating system in itself!

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