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Author: Paolo Alexis Falcone
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Newbies Discussion List
Subject: Re: [plug-newbies] Network Operating System
On 6/13/05, Howard A. Felicidario <kyardz@???> wrote:
> >In computer science parlance, kernel == operating system. It is only
> >market-speak and commoner usage that defined the operating system as
> >the kernel + userland utilities. It is indeed more accurate to say on
> >a technical point of view that the kernel is the operating system as
> >operating systems are supposed to be treated as resource managers and
> >a software abstraction layer to the underlying hardware.
> >
> >
> first of all, define what is "Operation System"
> I dont believe your claim that the computer science community believes that the kernel is the operating system. An operating SYSTEM implies a full set of tools to do something useful. Linux is just a kernel written by Linus Torvalds. Example's of operating systems are Debian and FreeBSD. Debian is an operating system that use the Linux kernel.

Believe it. It's what's written in many computer science books, has
been taught in many operating systems courses around the world (
having taught classes myself about this, and having been transmitted
this definition like the ones who have been schooled before, during,
and after my days in the university ) and there has been no doubt
about this definition for three decades already. Unless of course you
want to challenge this computer science definition...

Now, a kernel by itself is just useless. This is why an operating
system in an IT-centric and commoner's point of view an operating
system IMPLIES a full set of tools to do something useful.

> I prefer more common definition with no logical traps

I would prefer a correct definition than a commonly accepted one that
can be wrong. What's commonly accepted isn't necessarily what's right.

> Why don't you boot the linux kernel alone and do something useful with it?

Why don't you research first the real definition rather than relying
solely on what you think you understand? That's why I mentioned that
it can be viewed wrong depending on another point of view. In essence,
you can be right, and you can be wrong too.

Paolo Alexis Falcone
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