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Subject: [plug-newbies] Network Operating System

>In computer science parlance, kernel == operating system. It is only
>market-speak and commoner usage that defined the operating system as
>the kernel + userland utilities. It is indeed more accurate to say on
>a technical point of view that the kernel is the operating system as
>operating systems are supposed to be treated as resource managers and
>a software abstraction layer to the underlying hardware.

first of all, define what is "Operation System"

I dont believe your claim that the computer science community believes that the kernel is the operating system. An operating SYSTEM implies a full set of tools to do something useful. Linux is just a kernel written by Linus Torvalds. Example's of operating systems are Debian and FreeBSD. Debian is an operating system that use the Linux kernel.

I prefer more common definition with no logical traps

Why don't you boot the linux kernel alone and do something useful with it?

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