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>> (To clear things, Linux has no affiliation whatsoever with ANY of the
>> UNIX distributions out there. UNIX and Linux are completely different
>> animals, and calling one a clone of another would be incorrect -- even
>> if the README file says so.)
> i dont see any good point of yours why you made so complex that linux is a
> not a clone of unix... once you *imitate* something is called a clone...
> thats the simplest definition of a *clone*... linux is an imitation of
> unix.. and therefore linux is a clone of unix...

You're not looking hard enough.

Once you imitate something, that's what you're doing -- imitating something.
You're not cloning it. And no, the simplest definition of a clone is not an

The simplest definition of a clone is an EXACT COPY OF SOMETHING ELSE. If you
clone something, you make a copy of something. Imitating something
doesn't mean
you're cloning -- so it doesn't follow that whenever I imitate you, I
am cloning
you. Or to use your sentence construction: I is an imitation of you... and
therefore I is a clone of you...

So if kernel hackers suddenly decide and not give much thought about the
Language Game (Introductory Philosophy people, I hope you got a taste of this
in college), then it pays to remember that context yields concepts -- and
setting context is most important in writing documentation or ANYTHING
for that

Of course unless you still think that a clone is an imitation then the mime at
the corner of the street is a clone of a deaf person trapped in a glass box.

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