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Author: Bopolissimus Platypus Jr
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Subject: Re: [plug-newbies] Re: Network Operating System
On 6/10/05, fooler <fooler@???> wrote:
> i dont see any good point of yours why you made so complex that linux is a
> not a clone of unix... once you *imitate* something is called a clone...
> thats the simplest definition of a *clone*... linux is an imitation of
> unix.. and therefore linux is a clone of unix...

As I recall, the reason there is this whole "linux is not unix" meme
going through
the linux community is that "unix" is copyrighted. so linux could not use the
unix name. saying that linux is unix or linux is a clone of unix could lead to
lawsuits. so people started emphasizing that linux is not unix.

as a practical matter however, and as long as there are no lawyers involved, of
course it's perfectly clear that linux and unix (any version you like)
are so similar in
philosophy and tools (that's mostly the gnu tools, which is yet another argument
but one that i'm not getting into, no matter the provocation :-) that
gnu+linux is
clearly a clone. but for legal purposes, the kernel has been created without
reference to anything but the external interfaces to unix (as far as
we know, anyway),
so that it's also possible (in a lawyerly way) to say that linux is
not a clone of unix.


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