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Author: Junix Gaspar
To: jan gestre, Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Newbies Discussion List
CC: Richard Camina
Subject: Re: [plug-newbies] Re: Network Operating System
On 6/9/05, jan gestre <plugger.list@???> wrote:
> i'm sorry to hear that, what school is from he anyways? cultural
> center of the philippines? hehehe, he doesn't know linux for sure,
> there are two people the whole of MFI who knows and teaches linux,
> epox and junix, i dunno if junix still teaches though.

Nope, neither of us teaches there anymore. But epox is still there
teachin Oracle.
But, I hope I still can teach there when I take some time-off here in Congo.

Alam mo, take it from us, Linux is a Net OS. The person who told you
that linux is not a Net OS, most likely, doesn't know much of Linux,
or just made a plain mistake or, its a MS centric person who doesn't
want to accept other OS except Windows and doesn't want to even learn
or hear other OS capability (which is basically fall to the same
category which is he doesn't know Linux). well there is a lot of them
there (until some of them worked as a sysAD and realize how important
Linux was).

If you look at the component that requires a OS to be a NET OS, well,
Linux has all of that (But mind you, it doesn't mean that an OS that
is able to participate in Network means that it is a NOS. But, Linux
has all of that criteria [security, Protocols, multiuser env, etc],
criteria of an NOS which was written in MS books which we adopted (in
our early days when we are still formulating the contents of our Linux
class) as an explanation to Linux as an NOS and more).

They are a good instructors (in there respective field) there in MFI,
it just that you happened to ask a Windows (or a non-linux) Instructor
of a Linux questions.

I remember the time when Allan was braggin about the new IAS/2kAS
proxy server, he said it was freakin good and comes with all the bells
and whistles. Well it was before the virus crash all the computers
(specially the M$ servers) and computer class was halted everywhere
for 1or 2 weeks except for my class Linux hehehe

If you can mail me privately as to what is the name of the Guy, I can
talk to the guy and correct his views of Linux (or beat him to his
senses hehe). joke!
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