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Author: Anuerin Diaz
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Newbies Discussion List
Old-Topics: RE: [plug-newbies] Re: Network Operating System
Subject: request to simmer down (was Re: [plug-newbies] Re: Network Operating System)
On 6/9/05, ------- <xxxxxx@???> wrote:
> kaya nga UNIX clone yan, master of all OS!

hehehe, i knew this would come up sooner or later.

may i request that we tone down the operating system fanaticism? i
know this is a linux list and to some degree bashing of other
operating systems is tolerated. fanatics have their uses pero i would
rather see correctly informed technologists/users than
'over-confident' fanatics. we can encourage more people to try our
_preferred_ operating system if we bring down the superiority complex
by a couple of notches. most people here are already sold on the idea
of linux being appropriate for their needs so no need to boost each
other's machismo (no offense meant to the ladies).


paalala lang po. each OS has their strenghts and weaknesses, GNU/Linux
included. :)




"Programming, an artform that fights back"

Anuerin G. Diaz
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