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Author: James Matthew Miraflor
To: James Matthew Miraflor, ILUG Mailing List
Subject: Re: Training Manual/Curriculum for FOSS
I am actually planning to meet with Sir Betan and Sir Pareja, and with Dr.
Maramba also, maybe this week. The project is actually not ours alone - it
is a collaborative project with orgs from different universities. It is just
that we, the UP Antikythera, realized that this is a great opportunity for
FOSS penetration.
Thanks for the support and encouragement.

On 6/5/05, Federico Sevilla III <jijo@???> wrote:
> Hi James,
> On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 09:57:30AM +0800, James Matthew Miraflor wrote:
> > My organization, UP Antikythera, is currently involved in an effort in
> > giving free computers and computer training for public high school
> > students, and we decided to use pure FOSS for the OS, office
> > productivity tools, and desktop apps. Is there a training manual or a
> > training curriculum available that uses FOSS only? Thanks.
> I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to read about fellow UP Manila
> students involved in such a noble project. Like you, I'm a BS Computer
> Science major from UP Manila. I'm older, though: my student number
> starts with 1998, and I'm hoping to complete my thesis and finally
> graduate this academic year.
> You may want to approach Prof. Ariel Betan and Eric Pareja of the
> Information Management Services (IMS) office. They're both Free Software
> advocates like myself, and you may be able to collaborate on some
> projects and maybe get some courseware from them that you can use. You
> can also email Eric Pareja at xenos@???.
> Cheers, and best wishes.
> --> Jijo
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