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Author: Open source prepaid management system
To: Derrick Joseph, Open source prepaid management system
Subject: Re: [quick-r] postgresql error
Check your configuration of postgresql and check if the port 5432 is enable or uncomment.

Derrick Joseph <prioris@???> wrote:Hi Sirs,

Good evening !

Just by surfing the net, i found this great program of yours and i
want to try it for myself but got some errors so i need your
assistance and support as i am very eager to try the system.

- RedHat Linux 7.3
- 2.4.18-3 kernel
- postgresql-server-7.2.1-5
- postgresql-7.2.1-5
- php-4.1.2-7

I was able to install and test the xtradius program successfully. i
was also able to install and login via web based the quick-r program
however when i click on all the links under "settings" except for
change password i encounter this error:

Warning: Unable to connect to PostgreSQL server: could not connect to
server: Connection refused Is the server running on host localhost and
accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432? in
/opt/quick-r/html/include/ on line 111

What seems to be the problem here ?

Please help.

Thank you.

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