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Subject: Re: [ph-isp] cisco catalyst snmp


      snmp-server community <string> <ro/rw> [access list]
      ex: snmp-server community hello ro 1

Altho it is not required, it's always a good idea to also put in:

      snmp-server location <physical location>
      ex: snmp-server location 8th floor cabinet, Slot 2

and who manages it:

      snmp-server contact <you@???>

Also not required but also a good idea is to specify which IPs can talk to your
switch's snmp using access lists to protect it from unauthorized access.

Hope this helps.


Quoting Mark Quitoriano <markquitoriano@???>:

> im not sure if this is the write place?
> what's the command to enable snmp on cisco switches
> i executed snmp-server enable and snmp-server community "string"
> but when i tried to sniff port 161 or 162 it's always close.
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> Mark Quitoriano, CCNA
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