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you are missing a lot.
256kbps and 16kbps cir is way low and
you are missing a lot.

i guess your connection with meridian is shared with your neigbors
so that will make your connection an average of 16kbps

meridian told you you are now using 60kbps still thats very slow
compared to 256kbps with dsl.

i was once in a 256kbps dsl and it is also shared.
but my average download speed is 30kBytes/s or equal to
around 256kbps, meaning its just like im using my 256 bandwidth alone
but in reality its not its also shared.
maybe techs at the isp can explain more about this...

pldt 3k/month is now 1MBPS
dsl is getting cheaper these days and more faster.

dsl is cheaper compared to wireless connection when
we talk about price/speed ratio.

On 5/12/05, Arnold Gamboa <arnold.gamboa.list@???> wrote:
> Guys,
> I'm not a networking techie -- I need to get out of my web development
> shell for a change, I think -- so I will need to gather comments from
> experts like you. ;-)
> I know there are Meridian Telekom guys that are monitoring these
> lists. I love you guys! I've been with them since they started, I
> think 2000. But lately, I'm really having trouble with their service.
> Was it after they were bought by PLDT? Maybe. But here's the deal...
> I'm a 256kbps/16CIR subscriber. Our office has about 10 workstations.
> Internet experience is not bad, but not good either. As if I'm using
> a *good* dial up internet card. What makes it look bad is that,
> whenever I go to a nearby internet cafe, I could almost always see the
> difference. Right now, I'm in an internet cafe working remotely, and
> man, I'm beginning to hate my office internet -- I can work better and
> faster from here! The cafe has about 20 PCs, almost all are using the
> internet. Whenever I visit an internet cafe, I would always ask who
> is their provider -- it's either PLDT MyDSL or Globe DSL.
> When I call Meridian support, they would always say we're already
> using about 60+kbps, meaning, we're way beyond our CIR. Technically,
> we should be doing good. On the other hand, I'm now tempted to try out
> Globe DSL's service to see if we're already missing a lot.
> Question: are these internet cafe's just paying more than we do
> (meaning, more bandwith) that's why they are fassstt... Or it's about
> time to say goodbye to my long time friend?
> Arnold
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