Re: [plug] perl - removing duplicate line entries in a file

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Author: Ambrosio Berdijo
To: roderick tapang, The Main Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Discussion List
Subject: Re: [plug] perl - removing duplicate line entries in a file
Assuming you want to do the job without installing the
12MB Win32 port of ActivePerl,

if your don't mind re-arranging the data.

    gsort [filename] | uniq

if you need to keep the data in order

# uniq.awk 
    if (data[$0]++ == 0)
        lines[++count] = $0

    for (i = 1; i <= count; i++)
        print lines[i]

gawk -f uniq.awk [filename]

All this power by just downloading the gsort, uniq and
gawk Win32 binaries from


--- roderick tapang <retapang@???> wrote:
> how do you remove duplicate line entries in a file
> using perl? we have some logfiles that are xferred
> to a windows machine (don't ask why) for analysis
> and we only have ActivePerl available in it and one

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