[ph-networkers] Reducing Speed and Duplex negotiation delay

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Subject: [ph-networkers] Reducing Speed and Duplex negotiation delay

I have a Cisco 4506 with CatOS 12.1, on the host system I have a 1GB
Bypass card. This ByPasscard is a bridge to an application server.
What ByPass cards do is when the firewall system looses power or
crashes, it goes into bypass mode and continues to provide network
connectivity to the machine on the other side of the bypass card, even
though the bypass card host system is down.

After that intro my issue is the following:

When switching from bypass mode to normal mode, the Cisco switch detects
a change of hardware ( bypass card when bypass is off, and the appl
server's card when in byass mode on ) and there is a 30 second delay,
which appears to be spent renegotiating speed and duplex. I am trying to
get rid of this delay.

I tried turning autonegotiation off and hardcoding the speed and duplex
on the , bypass card and app server with no positive results.

Is there a way to tell the switch to not spend time negotiating speed,
paths, duples, vlan membership, etc, etc ?


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