Re: [xtradius] Assigned IP Address DNS on XTRadus??

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Author: Bulgaria Online - Assen Totin
To: Mochammad Agustian
CC: xtradius
Subject: Re: [xtradius] Assigned IP Address DNS on XTRadus??

MA> I have a problem to setting a user configurations in xtradius
MA> I want xtradius can deliver besides IP Address for dial up client, it
MA> can also deliver IP Address for our DNS for resolve name server, it
MA> there a way to do that?
MA> Right now, i use xtradius for dial up services and i use user.conf to
MA> define user/password client and assigned IP Address for dial up
MA> client.

The exact attributes depend on the type of the NAS you have; most NASes
should honour these two:

       Ascend-Client-Primary-DNS =
       Ascend-Client-Secondary-DNS =

You might also have to specify

      Ascend-Client-Assign-DNS = 1

Simply include these attribiutes in the RADIUS reply.

Note 1: You might have to include dictionary.ascend in your dictionary
file if not included.

      $INCLUDE dictionary.ascend

Note 2: Some USR NASes use different attributes, see dictionary.usr for


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