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Author: plug's chit-chat list
To: ph-linux-newbie, plug, plug-misc, plug-org
Subject: [plug] Migration of PLUG Mailing Lists
(Resending again, unsigned. Was originally broadcasted to too many
recipients, and then rejected because of the GnuPG signature.)

Hi everyone,

I'm thrilled to announce that we have successfully migrated the main
PLUG mailing lists from Q-Linux to their new host, now proudly using the
lists.linux.org.ph domain.

All existing members should have been added automatically, either as
regular or digest members depending on your existing subscription
status. I am working with Mike Maravillo of Q-Linux so that the old
lists can be taken down and their existing addresses can be made to
point to the new list post addresses while people update their address

The following public lists are ready:

    - plug@??? (Main PLUG List)
    - plug-newbies@??? (aka the PH-Linux-Newbies List)
    - plug-org@??? (PLUG Organizational List)
    - plug-misc@??? (Catch-All List)

The following public lists are ready, but are pending user database

    - linuxjobs@??? (aka LinuxJobs-PH)

Archives continue to be available from <http://archives.free.net.ph>.

Those of you who did not get added to the new lists automatically are
advised to subscribe using the web-based interface at

The mailing lists are now hosted by me under the banner of Q Software
Research. The list server is powered by a Debian GNU/Linux dedicated
server at ServerBeach. Our server is in ServerBeach's South Pointe,
Virginia data center which is connected to the Peer1 network by dual
OC-48 uplinks and boasts a 99.99% network uptime guarantee.

Please send any feedback direct to me (and please be patient as we go
through the usual list migration pains).

I would like to personally thank Q-Linux and their dedicated sysads who
have been maintaining the PLUG lists since they started hosting them a
few years ago. As the new list administrator and host I hope to be able
to continue providing reliable services that the community has grown to

--> Jijo

Federico Sevilla III : jijo.free.net.ph : When we speak of free software
GNU/Linux Specialist : GnuPG 0x93B746BE : we refer to freedom, not price.
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