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Author: Anuerin Diaz
To: The Philippine Linux Users' Group Mailing List for Org Matters
Subject: Re: [plug-org] Re: [plug] re waitlisted registrants
On 4/22/05, Paolo Alexis Falcone <pfalcone@???> wrote:
> On 4/22/05, Anuerin Diaz <ramfree17@???> wrote:
> > On 4/21/05, Paolo Alexis Falcone <pfalcone@???> wrote:
> > > On 4/21/05, Glenn G Remot <gremot@???> wrote:
> > > > Sirs:
> > > >
> > > > what are the chances for us who are waitlisted of being able to join the
> > > > seminar.
> > >
> > > Well, the waitlist generally applies for the number of seats that can
> > > be reserved - currently the APC AVR can hold 200 seats. However - do
> > > note that not all 200 people that registered come all at once - and
> > > there are those who also leave during the duration of the talks.
> > > There's always a possibility that you'd be able to get a seat.
> > >
> >
> > hi paolo,
> >
> > can you clarify what "not all 200 people that registered come all at
> > once" means? my assumption is that this has something to do with a
> > cut-off time but I am not sure what it is because there is no
> > timetable in the seminar page[1] except that the seminar is going to
> > run from 9AM to 5PM.
> I'm assuming normal human behavior that:
> [1] people don't come there all at once.
> [2] people don't leave there all at once
> [3] not all people would stay from start to finish
> [4] some people would arrive before, at the middle, or after a talk
> [5] some people would leave before, at the middle, or after a talk
> [6] some people would arrive before lunch
> [7] some people would arrive after lunch
> [8] not all who registered would come (maybe recalled to the office?)
> [9] there would be people who would come despite not being registered
> [10] some people would go there even though they don't have seats

sorry my mind seems to be processing slower than usual, im interested
on how that affects those who did register but may arrive a little
late[1]. at what point would our reserved seats be forfeited? this is
going to be the first time im going to attend so i do not know how the
seats are given on the actual seminar day.



[1] case in point, i need to go to up diliman to enroll so im going
there at 7AM and hopefully finish at 8AM. I am alloting 1h15m
commuting time from diliman to APC so what do i need to expect by
arriving late?


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