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Author: Edison Cala
To: quick-r
Subject: [quick-r] card expiry/non peak settings
hi jong!

yes i have tried it, and actually implementing it soon on our production server.

my revised quick-r now has the following features:

- expiration can be set to hours also (say good for 24 hours).
- free use within offpeak time (say 12 am to 7 am)
- support for basket2. if you want offpeak to have its own allocated time.
- offpeak settings can now be set to selected cards only.
- support to modify the offpeak settings of unused cards.
- support to modify the timeslot of unused cards.
- cards can now be reloadable.

i am planning to release my revised copy soon. i have to arrange yet my coding (primitive coding).

one way for you to set the free use within offpeak is to set the offpeak discount to 100%. you need to write another line of code to perform this checking (edit qn_auth and qn_acct). you need also to alter the column size, validate or something. just look into the sql file -> offpeak.

on the expiration, edit qn_acct (under update first login/expiration). and change ...CAST('$months_expire months' ....) into ...CAST('$months_expire days' .....).

i am using Postgresql 8.0.1 on FC3 system.


edison cala

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