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Author: Anuerin Diaz
To: The Philippine Linux Users' Group Mailing List for Org Matters, Philippine Linux Users Group Mailing List
Subject: [plug-org] Re: [plug] PLUG Second Quarterly Free Technical Seminar 2005
pardon the top-posting but before this topic gets interesting maybe it
would be wise to redirect it to the plug-org list[1].

for those that receive this mail only via the main plug mailing list,
please do join us in the plug-org list if you have the time and
interest. thank you.


[1] http://lists.q-linux.com/mailman/listinfo/plug-org/

On 4/19/05, Holden Hao <holden@???> wrote:
> > Before that time comes though there would be a couple of announcements
> > regarding guidelines, policies and the like for PLUG.
> Are there any draft documents already made? It would be better if people can start making comments so that when voting comes it would be easier.
> Also, PLUG has a constitution but are there By-Laws? The present constitution is generic and may be enough.
> I am trying to help refine membership guidelines as promised but I do not know if there are By-laws that already describe the current membership guidelines. So far what I think can be added are rights and privileges of members and also the issue of honorary members.
> IMHO, good points to add are:
> 1. Honorary memberships for founding members, past presidents, and persons or entities that have greatly contributed in advancing the ideals of PLUG. The latter is done by way of nomination and concurrence of 60% of members in good standing. No real benefits here except to give them distinctions.
> 2. Members Rights and Privileges:
> - right to vote
> - discounts from activities sponsored by PLUG. We really should avoid free seminars. Payment schemes can be as low as Php 50.00 for Plug members, Php 70 for non-members. As to sponsored activities, if for example, PLUG endorses PhilOSC, then PLUG can ask discounts for its members.
> - discounts to Plug merchandise like the video of the seminars for members in the province ;)
> - free ID, Plug Shirt, or bootable biz card CDR with LNX BBC
> - free forwarded plug email account (membername@???)
> Holden



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