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Subject: Re: [plug-org] enhance the text of the digest mailer?
You mean the reply at the top of the message, and the quote at the bottom?
Sorry, man, but -- and I already mentioned this, albeit probably in passing
in the main PLUG list -- that I'm using Mail2Web. One of its "shortcomings"
is that it doesn't prefix the quoted message, so I have to put it below to
make sure there's no confusion between my post and the reply. Sure, I
*could* use a POP/IMAP client but I have my reasons, foremost of which is
that I've lost at least three hard drives to crash over the past 10+ years,
and with them, some messages I'd like to keep. Ergo, I'm going pure Webmail
nowadays. I'm afraid you're going to have to put up with that for a while
-- maybe until I decide on another Webmail service. And no, gmail isn't it.
I have to give it to them for spurring the gigantic mailbox allocation wars
but I don't particularly care for the interface, specifically the Reply.
But I digress...


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Ooops, top-posting. =)

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