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Author: The Isko't Iska Linux Users' Group
To: free.net.ph Global Announcement List
Subject: [free.net.ph Admin] Service Migration Schedule
Hi everyone,

Please be advised that I will be migrating free.net.ph services starting
5:00pm on Friday, 15 April 2005 (PHT). I will do my best to make the
transfer as painless as possible, but expect mailing lists other
free.net.ph services to be down possibly until 12:00nn on Saturday, 16
April 2005 (PHT).

Please check <http://free.net.ph> regularly for updates.

--> Jijo

Federico Sevilla III : jijo.free.net.ph : When we speak of free software
GNU/Linux Specialist : GnuPG 0x93B746BE : we refer to freedom, not price.
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