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Author: Marvin T. Pascual
To: plug, plug-org
Subject: [plug] [FOLLOW-UP] National Strategic Planning for ICTs in Basic Education Initiative
Hello all,

The Department of Education together with the Commission on Information
and Communications Technologies (CICT) and the Foundation for
Information Technology Education and Development (FIT-ED) had organized
a series of round table discussions for the National Strategic Planning
for ICTs in Basic Education Initiative which will be held at the Seminar
Room, National Computer Center, C.P. Garcia Avenue, UP Diliman, Quezon
City. The schedule of the said meetings is listed below.

- Broadening Access to Education (April 18, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM)
- Improving Planning and Management (April 19, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM)
- Enhancing Quality of Learning (April 20, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM)
- Enhancing Quality of Teaching (April 21, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM)
- Sustainability (April 29, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM)

I would like to encourage everyone, especially to those who are into
academe to prepare and send to me your "success stories" or "papers" on
your Linux and Open Source migration or studies implemented in your own
organizations, companies, schools and/or clients. Your paper will help
us to easily convince DepEd to implement in some if not all of their ICT
plans and projects. They also need to have basis of migration because
they are not confident yet to implement Linux and Open Source especially
when it comes to "support" considering that we are expecting/addressing
of around 460,000 teachers nationwide.

I am also encouraging people from this mailing list, if you want that
the Linux and Open Source be integrated in any if not all of the DepEd's
ICT, come and join the meetings.

For those who cannot join the meetings, please send your papers or
"success stories" to me privately. It can be use as a support document
for encouraging DepEd to adopt Linux and Open Source in their ICT.

For all the LUGs, other orgs and/or companies that supports Linux and
Open Source nationwide, please e-mail your contact details so that we
can show to DepEd the list of organizations who can possibly provide
support in their local area.

Lastly, if you are complaining that the government is not adopting Linux
and Open Source or whatsoever reasons that its not implemented in the
government level, it's about time to take your move and help them.
Don't just seat down and later complain (probably make a post to any of
the PLUG mailing lists as if they are your "shout box") that the
government is not doing some actions to adopt Linux and Open Source to
at least minimize the procurement cost of the IT products and save
money. Make your own move, right now.

In service to humanity,

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