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Author: neuroticimbecile
To: plug-org
Subject: Re: [plug-org] Commercial messages (was Re: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Launch)
On Monday 28 March 2005 10:20 pm, Marvin T. Pascual wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-03-28 at 16:50 +0800, Miguel A Paraz wrote:
> > I got a private bcc: on the RHEL launch, and I considered that spam. I
> > replied to it and it was a mistake. (turns out I know the person
> > behind the marketing agency)
> >
> > As for the message addressed to PLUG: it's not defined because we
> > don't have a policy on commercial messages (besides jobs). Such a
> > policy could also address the issue on the other "spam" message which
> > was marketing a
> Any takers on who will prepare the individual mailing list policies?
> IMHO, the mailing lists especially the PLUG mailing list has been
> exploited by obvious personal or business interests that already gone
> beyond the limits of what is proper in our mailing lists.
> Anyone?

Ey Marvin!

Once those mailing list policies are finalized, please upload them somewhere
on the new PLUG website, so the mailing list admins can change the footer of
all mailing lists to point to that URL. So we can have shorter footers,

This is the PLUG mailing list.
As a subscriber you are REQUIRED to read <URL> at least twice.

Oks ba?

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