Re: [plug-org] Standard FAQ for PLUG ML's

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Author: Miguel A Paraz
To: The Philippine Linux Users' Group Mailing List for Org Matters
Subject: Re: [plug-org] Standard FAQ for PLUG ML's
On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 04:58:02 -0800, wyzemoro <wyzemoro@???> wrote:
> u can make a draft of the FAQ :) we will help in any kind.

Static FAQ... perhaps a wiki would help here (no defacers please)

1. About PLUG
1.1. History of PLUG
1.2. How do I become a PLUG member?
1.3. PLUG meetings
1.4. PLUG mailing lists and websites

2. Resources
2.1. Other Pinoy mailing lists that PLUGgers would be interested in
(PinoyJUG, compsci, ph-isp)
2.2. Linux websites/mailing lists/newgroups (old school)
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