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Author: Edison Cala
To: Evert Meulie
CC: quick-r
Subject: [quick-r] Re: Accounting not working
hi evert!

it's me again and i need your advice regarding the accounting process.

it's been nearly a month now since i have installed quickr (for development purposes) system and actually performed some modifications on the quickr system and everything works fine. but today, i suddenly noticed that there is no accounting process at all. the account can dial-in through but it doesn't update the database tables (radius_user and radius_current). i immediately suspected that i made a mistake on the coding of the qn_auth and qn_acct files. so i repointed the xtradius to the original qn_auth and qn_acct files, performed again to make a new clean quick-r database but still the same problem.

i tried also to insert a script on the qn_auth to insert a data to a certain table but after the qn_auth script has been executed, it did not insert the data i set.

how did you work on this problem? how can i sniff just in case the system is setting nasportid to "ether2"?

thank you once again and hoping for your reply.

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