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Author: Anuerin Diaz
To: ph-networkers
Subject: [ph-networkers] looking for experienced users of Cisco 1710 router

First off I would just like to say that I am not a networking guy.
It just happened that our team handles the coordination of the VPN
link maintenance here in Manila and Im currently stumped.

First some background information: Our project network is a part of
a multi-site development team (here in Manila and the parent site is
in Finland). The sites are connectec via a VPN over a 2Mb/4Mb link.
Both ends of the VPN is terminated(?) by a Cisco 1710 router. Basing
on the MRTG reports provided our WAN link provider (ETPI), we rarely
consume more than 1Mb of the pipe.

The problem is that we are encountering sporadic intermittent
network connectivity between the two sites. During each occurence of
this network skitter, ETPI says that they are able to continously ping
the external IP of the router and do not experience any packet loss.
The company's network group also says that they can track the traffic
up to the internal IP of the router.

This is aggravated by the fact that the routers are owned by a
third-party company in Finland and we have no access to it. The local
network group have said that the router model might not be able to
handle large amounts of data to be transferred over the VPN tunnel
("nabubulunan" ). As these downtimes often happen during periods of
high synchronization activity, I am currently inclined to believe
their theory. However I could not find a supporting evidence in google
to back this up before I can request our client's tech support to
forward the request to investigate to the third-party company.

So does anybody here have an experience/knowledge on what our
problem could be or how to gather enough information to 'influence'
the client to believe that the router might really be the problem? Any
links to supporting sites would also be welcome. Thank you.


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Anuerin G. Diaz
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