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Author: The Isko't Iska Linux Users' Group
To: ilug
COMPANY NAME: Targe? Corporation

CONTACT US: E-mail your biodata resume with salary history to:

 Mail your biodata resume with salary history to:
  Targe? Corporation
  Rosedale Commercial Center, Unit 10
  Banilad, Cebu City 6000, Philippines
We're looking for top-notch thrill seeking software developers to 
join Targe? Corporation. We are a funded start-up company
designing and developing customized software for American and 
European clients. 
Our software developers must possess advanced technical skills, 
including a strong knowledge of data structures, object orientation, 
design patterns and the ability to learn new programming languages 
quickly. As new technologies emerge and impact our systems, the 
developer is expected to learn these technologies quickly and 
integrate these new technologies with our systems.
Basic Required Qualifications for all Applicants:
    ? Ability to learn new programming languages and technologies 
    ? Effective communication skills and the ability to interact 
professionally with various levels of management, product 
development, and technical operations teams.
    ? Multi-tasking and working under time constraints.
    ? Excellent verbal and written English skills. Additional 
languages a plus.
    ? Strong attention to detail and excellent numerical 
    ? Ability to work productively in a team.
    ? Strong knowledge of data structures (such as stacks,
arrays, hashes, etc.)
    ? Object Oriented development experience.
    ? Knowledge of Design Patterns.
    ? Experience designing and implementing simple but efficient 
GUI interfaces.
    ? Must be able to translate functional specifications into 
logical, component-based technical designs.
    ? Discover & resolve defects in your own and other?s
    ? Contribute to advancing the team?s design methodology
and quality programming practices.
    ? Must be willing to work in accordance with American hours.
Preferred Qualifications for all Applicants:
    ? Experience maintaining and debugging live software systems
    ? Experience writing program documentation
    ? Experience developing server side monitoring/management 
    ? Experience in financial services or related industries
We are currently hiring for two software development team members.
            #1 Software Developer for the .Net platform
Required Qualifications:
    ? Experience using and operating on Windows Server platforms
    ? .NET technologies, specifically, VB.NET and C#
    ? MS SQL Server or equivalent
    ? HTML/XML
Experience in any of the following is preferred: 
    ? Visual Basic, C/C++, Python and/or Java
    ? Experience with any of the following technologies:
            #2 Software Developer for the Linux platform
Required Qualifications:
    ? Sound understanding of Linux and networking
    ? Programming and administration in a Linux/Unix environment
    ? Experience using one or more of the following: Python,
Java, C/C++
    ? Experience using MySQL and/or PostgreSQL or equivalent
    ? In-depth technical knowledge of the current hardware, 
operating systems (UNIX systems) and standard development tools 
(including CVS and editors)
    ? BASH shell scripting
    ? HTML/XML
Experience in any of the following is preferred: 
    ? Debian experience preferred
    ? Experience writing CGI programs
    ? Experience writing Perl scripts
    ? Experience with PHP
SALARY: Top wages based on experience.
Our goal is to create happy, healthy, profitable company you will 
feel good about working for.  Your success is our success. We look 
forward to hearing from you. 

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