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Author: The Philippine Linux Users' Group Mailing List for Org Matters
To: Gideon N. Guillen
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Subject: [plug-org] Re: Meeting sponsorship
"Gideon N. Guillen" <gideong@???> writes:

> AFAIK, may discount sa airfare ang Cebu Pacific ngayon. 799 lang yata
> papuntang Cebu, Cebut to Davao. Davao to Manila yata mahigit 1k lang.
> Hangang April yata yung promo. I'll verify when I get home. It was
> advertised a few weeks ago on several newspapers.

That is _very_ cool. Please check out the details. It will make the
trip much more doable, and perhaps other people might want to come
along. That way, people don't have to see me all the time. ;)

(I plan to do a lot of listening on these trips. I'm looking forward to
learning from other people.)

Should I budget for accommodations, or will nice PLUGgers put me up
for a few nights to a week? <laugh>

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