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To: Levy Dano
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Subject: [plug-org] Re: exploring linux seminars...
Levy Dano <strato887@???> writes:

Hello, Levy!

> take place in plug-org mailing list since i dont have any idea on
> this moment how to get there then i should go directly to your add.

You can subscribe through http://lists.q-linux.com/mailman/listinfo/plug-org . =)

> source concepts and framework through education and seminars. As for
> the record, we have already conducted community-based free computer
> education to elementary school children in San Antonio, Ozamiz City

That sounds fantastic! I'd love to find out what you learned from the
experience and how you're planning to continue things like that. I'm
also interested in teaching children how to program, and I hope to be
able to be of service.

I'd like to visit Western Mindanao. While there, I can do Linux
seminars, teacher training, maybe even a short computer camp. For
long-term benefits, I'd also like to help organize the local community
so that people meet other people who are interested in computing.

My objectives are:

- Advocate Linux and open source through talks.

- Encourage the growth of local computing communities that can do
advocacy and training in the future.

- Meet local teachers to find out issues in teaching computing and
computer science, and work on ways to address those issues.

A good time to do this would be a week in April or May so that I can
talk to teachers after the school year.

I'm pretty flexible. If all you have are labs with XTs, I think we can
come up with ways to teach well using those. =)

Okay, so here's what we need to do:

- Get me contact information for schools that might be interested in
something like this. For computer science education, I'd like to
talk to teachers at the university level to find out what issues
they've encountered and to see if we can share ideas. For computing,
I'd like to talk to the facilitators of the kids' camp you had.

- See if people from the local communities would like to give
presentations. Even simple presentations are good. =) If more people
participate, we might be able to turn this into a real event and get
sponsors. If not, I'll see if I can save up enough to get there

- Tell me as much as you can about the local computing community. What
are the issues? What are the highlights?

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