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CC: dominique_cimafranca, Harvey Chua, Marie Grace Gaffud-Antonio
Subject: [plug-org] Re: Proposed technical session on 2005.02.26
Holden Hao <holden@???> writes:

>> I'll be flying home from Japan next month, and I'd like to get all of
>> this info out of my head. ^_^ I'd love to spend an afternoon
>> delivering technical presentations and we can have an EB afterwards.
> How about a trip to Davao as well? ;) Emacs and Ruby would be great ;)

I'd love to visit different regions to meet geeks and check out how
people are working with computers. I'd love to exchange ideas and do
talks and/or training. I have a standing invitation to speak in Baguio
and I'd love to go to Cebu and Davao. We'll just have to figure out if
I need to beg my parents for plane fare.

A good time for doing this would be April or May so that I can talk to
teachers during summer.

If Magie and Engels are interested in doing a road-trip, this could be
an even bigger event. If not, you'll have me backpacking around the
Philippines to learn more about computing and to share whatever I've
learned. (Assuming my parents let me travel... =) )

Is this something we can find regional sponsors for? They might be
interested in gaining goodwill in the community, plugging their
products, or recruiting people.

(Magie: By the way, a geek in Banaue has volunteered to help the LGU
set things up. Way cool! =) )

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