[plug-org] Proposed technical session on 2005.02.26

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Author: The Philippine Linux Users' Group Mailing List for Org Matters
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Subject: [plug-org] Proposed technical session on 2005.02.26
I'll be flying home from Japan next month, and I'd like to get all of
this info out of my head. ^_^ I'd love to spend an afternoon
delivering technical presentations and we can have an EB afterwards.

2005.02.26 (Sat) seems like a good day. I'm volunteering the following talks:

- Learning Japanese on Linux

- Emacs for Newbies
(not really a Japan thing, but think of it as my condition for speaking ;) )

- Squeak, a computing environment for education
(wow, Smalltalk is still alive and well)

- A brief introduction to Ruby

(although if someone else would like to handle them or contribute
other talks, feel free thing)

I'll need a venue with a projector and either a computer I can set up beforehand or
a VNC connection to my laptop. =)

Sacha Chua <sacha@???> - open source geekette
http://sacha.free.net.ph/ - PGP Key ID: 0xE7FDF77C
interests: emacs, gnu/linux, personal information management, CS ed
sachac on irc.freenode.net#emacs . YM: sachachua83
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