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Subject: Re: [xtradius] New version ?
Bulgaria Online - Assen Totin wrote:
> I'm happy with the XtRadius the way it is - if a softeware is stable
> and does its job, why update it? Or maybe the Gentoo people should be
> reminded that Qmail's version has been 1.0.3 for almost 10 years?

Well some effort could be made to present XTRadius as
such to the outside world and to encourage more people
to use it. The web site is stale with broken links and
the documentation could do with updates. There are minor
tweaks to the code that could enhance it's usage without
affecting it's overall stability.

If you, or anyone else, do not want to proceed with even
the most minor enhancements to this project to inject
some life and concurrency, even if it's superficial, then
please graciously advise me how to best fork the project
so that it has the least negative impact on XTRadius?

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