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Author: Paolo Alexis Falcone
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group, Linux Newbies, Philippine Linux Users' Group, Inc. (PLUG) Board Members' Mailing List
Subject: [plug] Request for Donations for PLUG Free Technical Seminar 2005
Dear Members and Prospective Members of PLUG,

PLUG's Free Technical Seminar for the First Quarter of 2005 will be run
on very minimum cost. To be able to run the event smoothly though,
PLUG needs donations/contributions from you and other potential donors
outside PLUG.

May we then request those with capacity to please donate/contribute in
monetary / logistical terms? Such contributions will help us defray expenses
for buying ink cartridges and paper to be used for the production of
certificates and other operating costs.

Currently the PLUG board is still processing the board resolutions
required to open a bank account, and as such we are sorry we cannot
receive check payments nor issue official receipts except
acknowledgement receipts.

For donations from an institution/company, we offer these benefits:
1. The liberty to post a streamer about the company or its products
inside the conference venue.
2. The liberty to distribute flyers, brochures or any materials
promoting the company.
3. Acknowledgement during the conference.

For donations from an individual, we offer these benefits:
1. Acknowledgement during the conference.
2. Acknowledgement via the PLUG-Misc list.

Please email me privately if you wish to donate/contribute and/or you
have contact with organizations willing to donate.

For the PLUG Board,
Paolo Alexis Falcone
Project Director, PLUG Free Technical Seminar FQ 2005
Secretary, Philippine Linux Users' Group FY 2004-2005
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