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Author: Paolo Alexis Falcone
To: Philippine Linux Users Group Mailing List, The Philippine Linux Users' Group Mailing List for Org Matters
Subject: [plug-org] Re: [plug] Proceedings of the PLUG General Assembly, 18 December 2004
On Tue, 21 Dec 2004 16:16:58 +0800, Rommel Feria <rpf0013@???> wrote:
> As of the last set of Board members' election (which made Ian the
> president), I think we already established the fact that members must
> be those who register only - the mailing list is free and does not
> make one automatically a member (unlike before). And oh, I think it
> was considered then that the founders are made members on the advisory
> level. We even had a board meeting in UP Diliman, if I remember
> correctly. [shesh, my memory may fail me! heheh] Anyway, this does not
> need an amendment to the Constitution but rather a resolution of the
> Board declaring founders as such. The way I see it, which I hope that
> I'll be proven wrong, founders are no longer given proper recognition.
> :(

Not really. The board resolution passed also mentioned a provision
that all members that have paid for the IDs are hereby granted
membership (individual membership category). That's more or less
everyone concerned as of two years past.

The trouble on 'lifetime' membership is how to circumvent the
provision that memberships last only one fiscal year. It is indeed an
oversight on our part - I wish we could've had access to previous
minutes of PLUG board meetings during the time the constitution was
crafted. For now, it's either individual or juridical memberships that
last for one fiscal year.

If we'd go the 'board resolution way' nothing really changes - the
stature of being a 'lifetime member' wouldn't really accord any
privilege on those who would be bestowed as such - so much for
lifetime membership then. Imho, as far as the current constitution
goes, this would require an amendment stating the following:

1) What qualifies one to become lifetime members (individual?
institutional? is this restricted to the founding members?)
2) What privileges are accorded to lifetime members (given the board
resolutions of the previous boards, founding members are accorded
advisory status. but that doesn't mean that founding members ==
lifetime members so the requirement must be explicit).

We'd be happy to have these issues deliberated as there really are a
lot of points that can improve the PLUG constitution. But instead of
having a constitution that would take eternity to be approved due to
the glacial pace of convening a quorum for the GA, we opted that we
should start from something concrete.

Could we ask for the documents coming from the past boards? I think
we'd really need those documents for historical purposes, as well as
guidelines for implementing new resolutions, aside from material that
must be weighed for constitutional amendments.
Paolo Alexis Falcone
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