Re[2]: [xtradius] second connection problem

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Author: Bulgaria Online - Assen Totin
To: XtRadius Mailing List
Subject: Re[2]: [xtradius] second connection problem

RF> No, i'm not using a same username for second login.
RF> but i'm tried your advice, it still not working.

Then, may be you should apply some debugging - like see what your
authentication script receives and returns;

Also, maybe try running the radiusd without forking ("-f") and also
maybe with the "-x" and/or "-s" options... "-a" is also a helpful
option to gebug what's happening.

You should first find out whether the RADIUS declines the second
authentication attempt (and if so, why). If the RADIUS approves the
request, but the NNAS drops the connection, then you should probably
do some NAS-dependent debugging.


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