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Author: Paolo Alexis Falcone
To: The Philippine Linux Users' Group Mailing List for Org Matters
Subject: [plug-org] Re: [PLUG-Board] Official Letterhead, PLUG
On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 21:15:22 +0800, Dong Calmada <dongcalmada@???> wrote:
> Paolo Alexis Falcone wrote:
> >Attached is the template for the official letterhead for all
> >PLUG-related communications.
> >
> Paolo, I already gave my concurrence here.
> I'm more concerned about the layout of the text. I guess this version is
> better, with the PLUG name in bigger font size, and the whole nameplate
> left-indented, wrapped around the logo.

It still uses the URL of QSR, which is not the PLUG URL.

Normally, correspondences with logo letterheads are center-justified.
A left-justified letterhead would suit a memorandum as memos are
free-form. I'm not sure if such conventions do exist in the civilian
correspondences, as I patterned the letterhead from military
correspondence format which I am more familiar with.

Paolo Alexis Falcone
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