Re: [xtradius] Accounting for Proxy requests

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Author: XtRadius Mailing List
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Subject: Re: [xtradius] Accounting for Proxy requests
On Thursday 02 December 2004 00:18, Bulgaria Online - Assen Totin wrote:
> MC> Can anyone suggest a way to log proxy requests, on the
> MC> machine doing the proxying, other than tailing and piping
> MC> the detail file thru a script ?
> I have a RADIUS that works as a proxy. Here is part of the users file
> which allows my own system to keep track of all proxied requests
> (session start & stop times, usernames, traffic etc.)

Great, works well.

I incorrectly had my DEFAULT Realm before the first two.

> DEFAULT Acct-Status-Type = "Alive"
> DEFAULT Acct-Status-Type = "Stop"
> DEFAULT Realm != ""
> DEFAULT Auth-Type = "External"

Thanking you.

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