Re: [quick-r] Project status?

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Author: Open source prepaid management system
To: Open source prepaid management system
Subject: Re: [quick-r] Project status?
On Monday 15 November 2004 05:18 pm, Evert Meulie wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> Is it me, or haven't there been any updated releases of Quick-R since
> its initial release in 2001?
> Is that because the product was perfect upon initial release, or are
> there other reasons for this? ;-)
> Regards,
>    Evert Meulie

Hi Evert,

Quick-R was formerly a commercial product, it had undergone lots of testing
and have been deployed to a lot of client sites before it was finally made
open source. I guess that explains why there were no further versions after
the initial release.

And since it is open source, everybody's free to suggest and make
modifications, additional features, etc.

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