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Author: Bert Goodman
To: xtradius
Subject: [xtradius] Duplicate Attributes
I've been having a problem with duplicate attributes. One thing my
xtradius system needs to do is recieve Framed-IP-Address attributes from
partner ISPs. If the IP address included is nothing,"unknown", or
"" then I need to generate an IP for them and pass this new
IP address along. If the ISP passes a routable IP then I want to assign
that IP and pass it along. I made the source code change to allow IP
passing. The problem I'm currently having is if I recieve the
"" address and generate a real IP for the customer I get
the duplicate attribue warning and it ignores the real IP address I have
generated. How do I overwrite the Framed-IP-Address attribute to replace
it with the IP I want to pass along? I thought about allowing duplicate
attributes but I'm concerned that will be a radom selection of the IP I
want the customer to have and the dummy IP.

Thank you for you help.

Bert Goodman
-     System Engineer      -
- Oso Grande Technologies  -
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