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Author: mikah
To: A Philippine Pythonista Hangout
Subject: Re: snake anyone?
Andy Sy wrote (Mon 2004.08.23 16:26:02):
> I don't see how Zope frees you from the effort to learn an API
> or mechanism for talking to databases, you have to learn its own,
> Zope-specific one instead.

That's true, I forgot about that.

> Zope does seem to be a higher-level framework than Spyce, so
> it probably means less work for certain situations, but it will
> also entail a loss of flexibility and immediate control such
> that you may find yourself fighting the framework when trying
> to do other things.
> I believe Zope is more appropriately seen as a content management
> system rather than as a general web programming framework.

I haven't gotten to the point where I'm expert enough at Zope
to feel like the framework constrains me -- far from it!

(Comments from others on this point? Zope users?)

> Spyce is supposed to integrate tightly with Cheetah templates
> (reputed to be excellent), but I have to say I find templates to
> be a largely gratuitous feature. Non-programmers might find them
> less confusing but what are templates but a less powerful syntax
> that can only express a subset of the things that the programming
> language can?

True, but they help when you have to design lots of similar
looking GUIs. Anyway, that's a different discussion

> See tag libraries ( )
> if you would like to use template-style expressions but retain
> Python syntax.

Thanks, I'll check that out.

> Another thing to mention is Zope's OO-style structuring of website
> functionality. I believe Spyce lambdas could be a leaner and
> meaner alternative to that.

I'm not aware of these yet. Will research.



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