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TCP Connection problems.

After changing my Fedora core 2's IP/default gateway etc, most of the
executables on the box cannot get a SYN_ACK from an external source. I can
connect to the box via ssh like normal. The box can ssh to another, but
anything else, like yum or lynx just get stuck on SYN_SENT and can't seem
to receive a reply.

Firewall is down at the moment, all normal incoming rules. Incoming UDP
packets seem fine, but it's establishing TCP connections that fail.


tcp 0 1 mirror.hiwaay.net:http SYN_SENT


tcp 0 1 staff.a3-gaming.co:http SYN_SENT
tcp 0 1 origin2.microsoft.:http SYN_SENT

Counter-strike server:

tcp 0 1 hlmaster1.hlauth.:27030 SYN_SENT
udp 1852 0 *:*

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