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Author: Philippine Linux Users Group Mailing List
To: plug
CC: compsci, bayanihan, ph-linux-newbie
Subject: [plug] [OT] PH-Python revival
[Sorry for the cross post]


I'd like to invite everyone who are going to or are already into Python
to join and hang-out at the PH-Python mailing list. The PH-Python
mailing list is envisioned to be the focal point wherein local
"new-newbie" and "old-newbie" snake trainers of the Python language can
share, discuss, and ask questions about a great reptile, err programming

To subscribe, you may go to
http://lists.free.net.ph/mailman/listinfo/python or just send an email
with the subject "subscribe" to python-request@???. Upon
subscription, you could send your Python-related questions to


Paolo Alexis Falcone
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