[free.net.ph Admin] Mailman Saga Continues

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Author: The Isko't Iska Linux Users' Group
To: free.net.ph Global Announcement List
Subject: [free.net.ph Admin] Mailman Saga Continues
Dear free.net.ph Mailing List Subscribers,

The Mailman saga continues. Today I found out that Mailman again refused
to send out mail. I don't know why this happens, although I have a
couple of hunches. Fortunately, I know how to fix it (with an admittedly
ugly hack). I am in the process of coordinating with the maintainers of
the Debian Mailman package, and hope I can provide them with enough
information so that together we can track down and fix this once and for

In the meantime, I need everyone's help in keeping free.net.ph's mailing
list services operational. It's easy, really. Everytime you send out
email, you should, under most circumstances, receive a copy of this
within a few minutes, tops. If you send out mail and notice that it
hasn't come back, please send email to <jijo@???> or send a text
to +639175215456.

This should allow me to more proactively (actually still reactively, but
at least with hopefully much less lag) investigate the problem, and, if
it's "the usual", purge Mailman's queue and kick it back to life. When
I've done this I'll reply to you so that you can resend all your
unprocessed messages and get back to your usual chit-chat.

I sincerely apologize to everybody for this inconvenience. Please bear
with me as I iron things out.

--> Jijo

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