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Author: Miguel A Paraz
To: True Computer Science Mailing List
Subject: Re: doing VMs in hardware (was Re: OS abstractions / plumbing suffer from C-centric thinking)
I believe the Picojava project came from the time when Sun was pushing
Java for workstations ("Javastations"). When they realized that J2EE
(on their big iron) was a better use for Java, these chips no longer
fit their vision.

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004 12:31:20 +0800, Andy Sy <andy@???> wrote:
> It should be feasible to prototype an implementation of a VM using FPGAs
> (field programmable gate arrays) and extrapolate performance from there.
> Interesting bit of history... remember those picoJava chips which
> implemented the JVM in hardware? I believe the chips were discontinued
> because it was discovered that JIT compilers' performance came so
> close that it wasn't worth doing it in hardware. There is always
> the possibility that the picoJava chip hardware design was far from
> optimum though.

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