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Author: dido
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Subject: Re: OS abstractions / plumbing suffer from C-centric thinking
On Sat, Aug 07, 2004 at 08:03:58AM -0700, Ambrosio Berdijo wrote:
> Not really, all you need to is write a
> simulator/emulator. E.g. SNES emulator allowing you to
> run Nintendo games on Linux.

And so you have a virtual machine all over again. The whole point of
this thread was to think up ways of getting rid of the von Neumann /
imperative bias in today's system software, and we got down this path
because the bias appears due to the preexisting bias at the hardware
level. It seems that non-imperative languages will always be
second-class citizens on imperative hardware, and as such, thit seems
unlikely that they will ever be suitable for low-level systems
programming work unless someone actually implements something like a
combinator graph reduction machine or something similar on a chip.

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