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Subject: Re: BL @ NSTW
I've seen Bayanihan CDs dumped at UPCC. The one with a very cool
jacket. In fact I picked one (for archiving purposes). The reason
behind is UPCC doesn't promote Bayaninan. In our lectures we mainly
use Mandrakelinux. Though people will go with usuall ahhhs when they
see Bayanihan. Unless LTSP is fully-integrated with Bayanihan and we
start convincing our *debt-ridden* government to do the LTSP
implementation, Filipinos cannot distinguish Bayanihan from other
GNU/Linux distributions.

You can contact Sir Rommel Feria of UPCC. He's organizing for the FOSS day.


On Thu, 5 Aug 2004 06:36:18 -0800, Dr. Ernesto L. Damasco
<kartero@???> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> The irony, majority of Bayanihan users are in Metro Manila.
> But, DOST decided to hold this event in Legaspi City, Albay
> so the people near Mayon Volcano will use Linux. Eh, they don't like it kaya bumalik iyun ibang CDs.
> I suggests, let us hold a BL events. Free food at exhibit of various apps, may seminar pa!. Venue ? Eh, sa UP Campus. Any volunteers to organize one?
> Mabuhay ang mga bayani !
> Ernie

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